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Choosing The Right Bookmaker In Australia

While we here consider ourselves to be amongst the most loyal
ever to have lived, so loyal in fact that to many of the
companies we regularly patronise, we are considered old
customers and therefore not as valuable as new customers,
since we frequently find attractive offers that would entice us
to spend our money, yet find ourselves blocked by the phrase,
“New Customers Only.”
Ah, well. Our disappointment is short-lived when we encounter
the phrase on Australian bookmaker websites, since first deposit
bonuses of every sort are not available to those who reside in
SA, NSW, VIC and WA. Should we ever decide to relocate to
Queensland, NT, ACT or Tasmania, however, we fully intend to
claim every sign-up bonus ever devised by the fine bookmakers
at our disposal.
Thank you for humouring our brief fanciful foray. We do so only
to illustrate that sign-up bonuses from the domestic online
bookmakers are an extremely poor criterion upon which to base
the decision to establish a membership.
There are many legitimate and compelling reasons to choose a
domestic bookmaker, one of the primary being that the
internationals do not seem to think much of racing punters, so if
it is horses and dogs that attract your fancy, combined with a
huge selection of domestic and international sporting events,
Australian bookmakers are head and shoulders above the rest.
One such, the subject of today’s piece, is
The following information was gleaned from their cracking
website and other informed sources.


Company Background
This Bookmaker is based in the city of Brisbane, Queensland and
like many Australian bookmakers, operates under a license
granted by Norther Territory. The operation was launched in
early 2012 and was originally licensed by the Norfolk Island
Gaming Authority up until September of 2016.
In the latter part of 2013, they were assimilated by Ladbrokes
when that United Kingdom gaming operation was looking for an
unencumbered path into the Australian market. Australian
clients of Ladbrokes and will find vast
similarities between the two regarding markets and odds,
something that, in our opinion, is a good thing. offers a local flavour, accepting only clients
from Australia and New Zealand. Website and Mobile Wagering Platforms
That URL opens a landing page that is well designed to an extent
that makes it one of our favourites. There is something to be
said for having the resources of a corporation such as Ladbrokes
paying the tab for website design. The landing page is chock full
of live links that make it very straightforward to navigate to
where you want to go.
There are tabs across the top for Racing, Sports, Live Betting,
Promotions, How To, which when clicked provides guides to how
to use all the different types of bonus bets, particularly those
beyond the sign-up bonuses and a tab for Contact. There is a
guide for the Bookmaker Visa card, too, which is the fastest way
to deposit and withdraw funds.


We clicked on the Racing tab, and instantly were taken to the
familiar three-column layout we feel should be mandatory. A bit
of scrolling down the left column got us to a section labeled
Quick Links, where we found options for instantly viewing
Today’s Racing, the default choice, as well as the two big races
set to jump while this is being written, the Group 1 Manikato
Stakes and the Cox Plate. Seven more links offered both
domestic and international sports.
We selected the Manikato Stakes and found odds equally
competitive to the other bookmakers we have surveyed. Here,
we will take the opportunity to mention a Bookmaker promotion
that racing punters find agreeable. It is called Favourite vs
Selecting this market, offered at $2.40 during our visit, meant
that if any other runner than Chautauqua won the Manikato
Stakes, a $100 wager would return a $240 dividend before
margin was deducted. The odds on offer were identical to a
straight win bet for Chautauqua. We found the same situation
existing with the Cox Plate, with Favourite vs Field and a
straight win bet on Winx would see a $100 wager returning $200.
We clicked around on other sports, too, and found the selection
of markets to be all we could desire.
In terms of promotions, to say there are fewer on than on the Ladbrokes website is accurate, but
somewhat misleading, since has quite a few,
with plenty or racing and sports deals, Melbourne Cup Bonus
Bets, promotions, some that change from week to week and
other Bonus Bets that are consistently ongoing to new and
current members. Mobile Platform
There are mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. As many
punters are aware, the Play Store does not stock bookmaker
apps, so it must be downloaded from the website by snapping a
picture of a QR code with a code reading application. It can also
be downloaded directly to a mobile device.
Apple’s app store has not such restrictions, but either of the
apps is easy enough to set up.
We seldom fail to mention that there is a completely serviceable
mobile version of the website that does not depend on the
operating system of your mobile devices. We prefer this method
and use it whenever possible.
Just like the main website, the mobile offerings are exceptional.
All functions that can be performed on the website can be
accomplished on the mobile platforms quite comfortably,
although some punters will want to use larger screens for
scrolling extensively through markets and performing other
functions where bigger is better.
We do not devote a lot of space or attention to things such as
odds, margins, deposit and withdrawal methods, turnover, and
things of that nature. All the domestic agencies have similar
offerings and all are exceedingly liberal.
If you do live in an area where you can claim a sign-up bonus, permits that bonus to be split up into as many as
four bets, provided that the markets have odds of 1.50 or


Bookmaker margin averaging 5.5 percent is on the higher end of
the spectrum. They will provided credit betting for anyone who
thinks that is a good idea. is one of the few remaining agencies where it is
possible to encounter a dormant account fee, but it only comes
into play for accounts that have been dormant for six months or
We heartily endorse for entertainment oriented
occasional punters. The operation is quite efficient, has every
market anyone could want and is an approved partner of six
major sports leagues in Australia. They have carefully cultivated
a reputation for good service and stability.
We often endorse the idea, given the low investment, of having
multiple memberships, but if we were to be limited to one
agency, would easily be in our top three list
of choices.

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