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Online Advertising Essentials for Aussie Startups

There are several ways start-ups can go about launching an online advertising campaign. However, there are certain essentials that should never be avoided. Here are the commandments, if you will, of running a modern online advertising campaign:

Learn to Use Keywords First

Keywords are short words and phrases that allow search engine algorithms to index your web pages. Using the right keywords is essential to online promotional success. Keywords are not just used in your Google paid ads, they should be included in indirect forms of advertising, such as blog posts, content articles, and product landing pages. Your brand should have two or three main keywords. In addition, you should carefully research and pick secondary keywords to use in ads as necessary. Using keywords is the most basic aspect of doing online advertising, so learn to do it right.

Launch a Strong Social Media Promotional Campaign

Your marketing campaign will be nothing without engagement on various social network channels. Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency to design and launch a campaign if you are unfamiliar with how to do one. For social networks, you will have to create content, write posts, post graphics on a regular basis. This is too much to do for some start-ups, so outside help might be necessary. Social media forms the backbone of most online advertising campaigns. Some start-ups, like Uber, were essential built using social media. So do invest in devising a good plan.

Make Videos

Online ads are not all boring text. Video is a powerful format to use on the web. Video not only attracts web users, but mobile users as well. If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past year, you’d know that mobile users drive online shopping. Therefore, a good portion of your ad camping should be devoted to mobile users. Video ads are a great way to attract mobile users, who consume a lot of video above articles. Make the ads interesting, and not intrusive. Mobile users are likely to employ ad blockers to protect data. So make sure the video ads your company produces are content that consumers actually want to consume.

Narrow Target Audience on Facebook

When advertising on Facebook, and similar social networks, advertisers get to pick categories. Some start-ups go for broad categories like “soccer moms” or “retired males” hoping to increase reach. Online ads really don’t work like that. Keep in mind that users’ newsfeeds are always being updated. Web users are jumping from one thing to the next every second. Therefore, the best way to make sure your ads have an impact is to place the ads in front of the right people. So narrow down the social media metrics to choose the right target audience.

Perfect Online Ad Copywriting

Placing an ad is not the only important thing. The ad should be able to grab the attention of the user. This is where the ad copy comes in. It has to be short, and really well written. Use emotional triggers and potential rewards in the headline of the ad to grab attention. The ad copy must be concise and very clear. Do not deliberately mislead clickers.

Also, in addition to the above, a good part of your ad campaign would also focus on producing creative content. When combined, these two aspects will form a highly effective online promotional effort.

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