About the Australian Commercial Law Firm Holding Redlich

If you live, work, or own a business in Australia, you might need the services of a lawyer every once in a while. Depending on several issues, such as the nature of the job you are doing, you may need legal services frequently. Lawyers also come in handy in emergency situations, for example, when you need to file a claim against an insurance company, or you need someone to represent you in an out-of-court settlement. One of the moister reputed law firms in Australia that should be on your priority list when you seek to engage a lawyer’s service should be Holding Redlich.


Who Are Holding Redlich

Not all law firms practice the same kind of law. Some offer specialized legal services while some are a Jack of all trades. At Holding Redlich, there is a team of expert lawyers who specialize in commercial law. The firm handles legal cases ranging from construction law, finance, mergers, taxation, and intellectual property to advising different clients in fields such as governance, real estate technology, transport and logistics, and renewable energy. They not only represent their clients in court-related litigation but also other dispute resolution mechanisms outside the court.


With offices in major cities such as Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Holding Redlich has made a name for itself for the kind of cases they handle and their record of success. They are not only committed to helping their clients win their cases, but also on ensuring that this is done in a legal manner. With a team of many qualified and experienced lawyers practicing the different fields of commercial law, clients are guaranteed quality and wholesome insights and research into their matter. Above all, clients benefit from a rich network that helps them secure their interests and get desired results.



Because of their knowledge and experience, Holding Redlich is the best firm to hire if you have a matter that requires the application of Australian law and regulations. They also have international clients and they keep abreast of advancements in global affairs such as trade and investment. Apart from practicing law, Holding Redlich is also involved in a variety of corporate social responsibility initiatives which helps in promoting environmental and governance policies as well as giving back to communities.


Contact the Lawyers

If you have a matter that requires legal advice or representation, it is advisable to speak to the experts. Do not hesitate to contact the team at Holding Redlich for all your commercial law needs.