Grace and Maggie



If you have kids who are toddlers and growing up fast, you will be needing playmats and retro toys in their play area and their run around environment.

Grace and Maggie gives you the convenience of providing a whole range of eco-friendly memory foam playmats that are designed for different sizes and scenarios. We also propose to you our retro toys which are throwbacks to the simpler days when playthings are touched and are real stuff, not digital.



They are beautiful playmats that maximize your functional space. They are done in stylish designs that blend seamlessly with your existing decor. The retro toys complete the educational and relaxing playtime of your toddlers.

Explore our whole range of practical reversible playmats and delightful retro toys.

Grace and Maggie has both large and small playmats which are perfect for any area size that your toddlers play in. We also have round playmats. Grace and Maggie also have for you playmats done in vegan leather. If you care about leaving less carbon footprint for the world where your toddlers will be growing up in.

Look at our Archie retro large playmats, Run Forrest, My Name is Earl and Baby Driver large playmats. You will be amazed with their unique designs and we’re sure your kids will be delighted too!

Also, take a look at our small playmats for those cute playroom areas. We have Run Forrest, Baby Driver and My Name is Earl small playmats too!



Our Candylab retro toys also makes your toddlers enjoy playthings that can be touched and built on, for their creativity and open mindedness to be enhanced.

Examples of Candylab retro toys are Ambulance, Blue Racer, Dart Wagon, Pinecone Camper, Pink Sedan, Yellow Taxi, Hamburger Van, Donut Van, Milk Van, Mail Van, Plumbing Van and School Bus. Your toddlers can relate to these toys to the real things.

They are modern vintage toys which your kids will enjoy for many years to come.



Eco-friendly memory foam playmats in various sizes and educational retro toys – a perfect combination to furnish your kids’ play environment.

The playmats are non toxic, comfortable (cushioned because of the memory foam) and delightful to look at because of their unique designs which blend well into your existing decor. Plus the retro toys make your kids’ play time oh so complete and fun.

Join them in the fun too!