Reasons Why Gel Blasters Are Legal in Australia


The latest craze in Australia is a safe and fun way to play paintball. It’s called Gel Blasters, and it’s legal in Australia! Gel Blasters is a brand new game that has been launched in Australia. It’s a safe, fun, and exciting way to play paintball without the risk of getting hurt. This article will explain why are gel blasters legal in Australia and what makes them so different from traditional paintballs. So here are some reasons why are gel blasters legal in Australia:

It’s Safer For All Ages

Gel Blasters is an all-ages activity that can be enjoyed by anyone who has an interest in paintball or similar activities. Unlike regular paintball guns, Gel Blasters use soft balls made from rubber instead of hard plastic. This means there’s no risk of injury when using these weapons!

A Wide Range Of Weapons

There are many different weapons available with Gel Blasters, including rifles, pistols, and shotguns, which all fire kinds of ammo such as pellets and foam balls instead of paintballs! There are also other types of equipment, such as goggles which protect your eyes from any projectiles that may come flying toward you during gameplay sessions!


You Can Use Them at Home

You can use gel blasters at home without worrying about getting arrested or having any trouble with police officers because it’s not illegal to do so. You can buy them from stores such as Target and Kmart, so you don’t have to worry about finding a website that sells them online because they’re readily available at your local shops!

They Are a Toy Gun That Looks Like a Real Firearm

If you see someone carrying a gel blaster, it’s easy to confuse it with an actual firearm because they look very similar. However, some key differences can help you tell the difference between them. The most obvious difference is that gel blasters don’t have a trigger and don’t shoot bullets—they shoot small plastic balls (similar to paintballs). In addition, the muzzle of a gel blaster is rounded instead of pointed like a real gun.

There Are No Safety Regulations for Gel Blasters in Australia

Gel blasters aren’t required to meet any safety standards or have any regulations regarding their design or use by law enforcement agencies in Australia as long as they’re not modified in any way (e.g., by adding laser sights or other accessories). This means that manufacturers can produce them without worrying about meeting government standards for toy guns or ensuring they’re safe for children’s use.

It’s Not Considered a Firearm

Gel Blasters are not considered firearms because they don’t fire real bullets or pellets. They shoot harmless foam balls that are soft enough to fire at close range without causing harm or pain. The balls aren’t even made of rubber — they’re made of gelatin, which is made from animal protein such as pork or beef bones and hides.

It’s Not an Imitation Firearm

Gel Blasters are also not considered imitation firearms because they don’t look like real guns and don’t have any features found on traditional weapons such as pistols or rifles (such as barrel openings). The only reason these toys resemble real guns is that they’re shaped like handguns — but even then, the resemblance is minimal at best.

Wrapping Up

Gel Blasters are legal in Australia because they are not considered a firearm. Gel Blaster is a toy gun that shoots soft and harmless gel balls. The product was launched in 2015 and had been gaining popularity since. The Australian Government tested the product and found it safe for use. The Government also confirmed that it does not fall under the firearm category. So, are gel blasters legal in Australia the short answer is yes, what makes Gel blasters different from other toy guns? The answer is that Gel Blasters are made of soft rubber, which means they can hold up to 100 times their weight in water. This makes it safe for children and adults alike!